The Merry Noise Farm

  Greetings from The Merry Noise Farm.  The name of my farm was inspired by a book called “The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman” by Nancy Marie Brown.  The book is based on the Icelandic sagas, about a pioneering woman named Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir and her husband, who lived some 500 years before Columbus. They built a farm along with a longhouse in Newfoundland, the farms name was Glaumbaer which translated is Farm of Merry Noise.  I loved the name, but got back lash from family “it sounds weird.”  So, I just moved the words around a touch and still like the sound….it stuck.

  I am hoping that my adventures at The Merry Noise Farm will be of interest and you will enjoy my musings.  My plan is to bring you along with me on my daily chores, feeding the various farm critters, working in my apiary, building projects, cheese making, soap making, milking our small herd of Nubian goats, butchering, sewing, gardening, preserving, cooking from scratch, making butter,  just my daily life of living on a farm in Northern Texas.  Where the temperatures range from cool to blistering and a siesta is a must…well…for me anyway.

So grab a glass of  sweet tea, a jelly covered biscuit , sit back and enjoy the ride.  I look forward to sharing it with you.




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